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Video Consultations by Near Me

You can attend video consultations from your home or wherever is convenient by following the steps below.

1. Step: Go on NHS Shetland web page ( and click on the Near Me button on the right hand side.

near me 2

2. Step: Click on the Unst Health Center button.

Near Me 1

3. Step: Click on the Start the video call button. You need to use Google Chrome or Safari web browser.

near me3

4. Step: You need to go through the call setup and check your connection speed, speaker, microphone and your camera is working properly. 

near me 4

5. Step: You need to fill in your details before you go in to the Virtual waiting room.

near me6

6. Step: Please Read!

  • Have you made your appointment via the Unst Health Centre?
  • If not, please leave immediately and call 01957 711318 to book a Video call
  • If you have already made the appointment just click on start the call button and wait in the Virtual waiting room until the clinicians joins the call.

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